• Cows have a great calving ease linked closely to their pelvic opening
  • Cows recover from giving birth quickly which leads to a new production cycle starting quickly
  • This leads to cows easily giving birth to one calf per year
  • Calves are vigorous from the first hours of their life
  • Calves suckle well
  • Calves have an average liveweight gain of 1kg per day from birth (without supplementary feeding)
  • Very good feed conversion – even with scarce rations
  • Majority carcasses classed as U+ or R+
  • Ready for slaughter on average @ 20 – 24 months of age
  • Gascon bulls kill out before 16 months at @ 410kg carcass weight

The MH Gene is linked to double muscling in cattle.  Groupe Gascon have, through selective breeding, reduced the prevalence of the MH Gene in the breed without compromising muscular development.

The Gascon Society requires all pedigree registered bulls to be tested for myostatin status as no MH/MH status bulls , or their progeny, can currently be registered.  Breeders are also encouraged to test their breeding females but it is not compulsory.  Hair sampling kits and charges can be obtained by contacting the breed secretary.

Gascons cross well with most breeds inc Limousin, Charolais, Blonde d’Aquitaine, Parthonais, Highland and Aberdeen Angus.